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Command Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring Services



Your alarm system is their first wall of defense against intrusion. We back your system with scheduled technical safe guards and have your customer’s back in the event of an entry signal.



Fire situations can be devastating to home and business owners. However, immediate detection and a fast response can help reduce the amount of damage fires cause. That’s why, at Command Alarm Monitoring, our fire alarm monitoring process begins long before a signal is received.



Monitoring property safety is of primary importance to many of your customers. It is to us, too. Command alarm monitoring is a leading monitoring company of environmental situations such as temperature, power outages, supervision of equipment including activation and shut off, openings, closings and much more.



Most everyone has been stuck in an elevator for some amount of time. While it’s never pleasant, if it happens, your customers will be glad you have command alarm monitoring. Our response to the situation is fast, precise and fully customizable to your client’s request.