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Over 335 years of combined experience in one command center

Your customers are looking for more than just a security system. They’re looking for security system service. That’s where a lot of other alarm companies fall short.

Not us.

Command Alarm Monitoring hires only full-time dedicated dispatch professionals — no part timers, no students. We fully prepare each dispatcher to completely understand our systems and processes through at least six months of classroom and one-on-one instruction. Just like training wheels on a bike, our trainers won’t let go until every piece of equipment is learned and every dispatch scenario is practiced and perfect.

We don’t stop there.


Follow-up training occurs continuously at our training center. Considering our dispatchers have been in the business for an average of 13 years, that’s a lot of know-how. The outcome? Every dispatcher is well-versed about the latest industry equipment and techniques — even the challenges alarm dealers face on a daily basis. So whether you need us to troubleshoot your current set up or help you select the right system for a particular situation, our staff can help.

Take a moment to read about our team — each and every one are 100% committed to caring for your customers, and your business.


To see our central monitoring station in person. Meet our staff and see for yourself how Command Alarm Monitoring can benefit your business.