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About Us


Ron Ross


Ron began his career in the alarm industry in 1979. Using his extensive knowledge of construction he launched Vigilante Security, Inc., a leading Michigan alarm company and later Michigan Monitoring Service to supply central station alarm monitoring to other independent alarm installers. The two companies expanded home alarm services to commercial, industrial, and government markets growing to over 40,000 accounts. Ron’s latest endeavor, Command Alarm Monitoring, was conceived to offer years of experience, the expertise of his staff and access to a complete portfolio of alarm monitoring services to independent alarm installers nationwide.

Mike Riley

Director of Central Station Operations

Mike is a 30-year veteran of the security industry and is experienced in all aspects of alarm and security monitoring, including operations, management and central station. In addition to his years of hands-on expertise, he’s a certified Security Industry Association Trainer and has completed Levels I and II of the Central Station Alarm Association’s Operator Courses. Mike is also a Security Industry Administration (SIA) Certified Central Station Operator Instructor and is responsible for ongoing dispatcher training in new alarm equipment and industry changes. He also holds numerous IT certifications. Put simply, alarm systems and the monitoring of them, is Mike’s gift and passion.

Candas WOOD

System & Data Manager

Candas has spent more than 17 years in the security industry and is familiar with most aspects of the security alarm monitoring business including administrative support, billing and management. She began her career at Michigan Monitoring Service thirteen years ago and quickly rose through the ranks of the company to her current position at Command Alarm Monitoring. Candas oversees the data entry department, data extraction, new module setup, billing software and development of user training for all Command Alarm customers. Candas holds Novell and Microsoft certifications and has designed programs relating to inventory control and sales for multiple small companies and independent installers.

Scott Merkle

Information Technologies

Scott has been working with integrated systems for over 25 years. Scott has vast experience with Networking, Firewalls, SQL, Oracle, Windows Active Directory, Microsoft products, Virtualization, and multiple industry standard operating systems. Some of Scott’s previously held titles include: Wide Area Network Administrator, Senior Systems Analyst, and Global Systems Engineer. He has been previously assigned to international project teams deploying industry standard integrated systems and support. Scott has been recently focusing on SQL integration along with virtualized systems in conjunction with the mobile devices platform. Scott's key responsibility at Command Alarm Monitoring is system administration and security.