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Facilities & Staff



The Command Alarm Monitoring central station facility is built for optimum dependability from the ground up.

We are an Underwriters Laboratories Listed and Factory Mutual Approved facility. Our entire building is constructed to exceed all stringent requirements for alarm monitoring set forth in UL 827, maximum fire-resistance protection as well as the highest level of access security.


Two heavy-duty commercial grade standby generators protect our systems from failure due to storms, disasters or power failures. We are 100% equipped to handle outages for indefinite periods of time.

The fact is, we’ve spared no expense on backup systems that will keep data safe and receiver and telephone systems operational 100% of the time. Our proactive contingency team has spent countless hours anticipating every threat to our operation and developing a response for each scenario.

The long and short of it: We don’t sleep at night, so you and your customers can.

Technology, facilities and personnel. When it comes to making sure our operations are 100% dependable, we've spared no expense.