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About Us


Where sophisticated technology meets superior customer service.

Command Alarm Monitoring is licensed in several states around the country and services a wide variety of alarm markets including residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural, medical, educational, and governmental.

To us, the business of security system response is about more than phone lines and technical connections. It’s also about personal connections — between our company and your company — and even more importantly, your company’s clients.


It’s technology that facilitates these personal connections. We’ve built our command station monitoring business on helping independent alarm dealers be successful. So we stay current — even ahead of alarm monitoring systems trends and technology. We share our knowledge to help you update your systems, prevent failures and create a better success rate. And we do it without extra costs, fees or charges.

Command Alarm Monitoring goes the extra mile by customizing each alarm response to each individual customer. Our automation system presents the order of action to our dispatchers upon alarm notification so they can respond accurately and accordingly to every alarm event. So whether your customer wants us to notify one person or 5 — or different contacts at different times or on different days — we’re equipped to meet their needs. And, when we contact your client, we always use your business name.

Why do we go to such lengths to service your clients?
It all has to do with our chief operating principal:

"When you succeed, we succeed.”

Our dispatchers are thoroughly trained to respond to all security and alarm events. And, thanks to our many years of practice, we know what to say and when to say it.